Fort Myers Real Estate

Fort Myers is an area that is experiencing a burst of development and activity. The area is a draw for individuals looking to relocate, because of the abundance of new real estate properties being developed. The area offers condos, single family homes, and new construction. Of particular interest for many people moving to Fort Myers is the downtown area, which is located along the shore of the beautiful, scenic, Caloosahatchee River.

The community has become a highly desirable area for buyers in recent years, in part because of the extensive availability of beautiful real estate, but also because of the stunning riverfront views, cultural activities, restaurants and nightlife that are available in the downtown area. 

Downtown Fort Myers FL AreaAs well as the downtown area, buyers considering the Fort Myers area will also be impressed with the gated communities being developed throughout the city offering everything from townhomes to villas, to sprawling estates. 

Because of the expanded development and interest in the area, Fort Myers draws a variety of people from all backgrounds. From young professionals, to retirees, Fort Myers has a diverse and ecclectic mix of residents, all enjoying the ample opportunities for leisure activities and cultural activities, as well as the beautiful weather.

Fort Myers is located just a stone's throw from the white sand beaches of Sanibel and Fort Myers beach, so residents of Fort Myers can enjoy city living combined with the added perks of living near a beach area.

Areas of Interest in Ft Myers:

The Edison & Ford Winter Estates are a popular local attraction that is comprised of over 20 acres of beautiful botanical gardens Edison and Ford Winter Estate Homesand nine historic buildings which offer special exhibit galleries and a museum of collections and inventions of the late great Thomas Edison.  Also known in the winter time for it's festival of lights every year.

The Historic River District offers eclectic boutiques, great restauraunts, event venues, art galleries and night life meaning there really is something for everyone.  Downtown real estate features stunning high rise condominiums overlooking the caloosahatchee river.

Real estate prices in Fort Myers range from under $100,000 for single family homes up through the millions for Riverfront Homes.

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